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Plugins that are needed for every website, I have brought here are some most useful WordPress plugins that will help in making your WordPress experience fast, easy and reliable, these plugins are totally safe and secure tried and tested by our team, don’t worry about them simply add these to your website and make page navigation fast.


This is a very useful plugin that will help to change your blog pagination in the numbering system if you are not happy with Arrow➡, Older Posts, or Newer Post these Want to replace Old Older Posts and Newer Posts  by Numbering Pagination that will help to reach maximum blog pages and easy to use for visitors. just Install and activate the plugin then you will see.

Page Navigation Screenshot:

More than 700000+ User already using Wp-Pagenavi so, don’t hesitate to add your plugin library.

2. WP Featherlight – A Simple jQuery Lightbox

This is a WordPress lightbox plugin for adding a minimal, high-performance responsive jQuery Lightbox to your WordPress website this will show your website images like a gallery slide, you can add unlimited images and show them one after another easily.

After adding this plugin to WordPress, you need to select the “Media File” option when choosing where thumbnails should link.

3. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is an Ad management plugin with many advanced advertising features to insert ad codes at the optimal position or can say anywhere you want on a website. It supports all kinds of ads like Google AdSense, Media.net, Infolinks, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, etc. This ad inserter provides many advanced options to insert header script, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, analytics, tracking, or advert code anywhere on the page. More than 200000+ active users already using it.

4.All-in-one WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration is verifiably one of WordPress’s most trusted and utilized plugins to move all files and databases of the website with absolute ease.

It is intently built with non-technical users in mind or can say newbie-friendly functions that allow migrating websites with no technical knowledge or experience.

more than 4 Million+ users already using it.

It gives permission to import 512 MB File

5.Big File Uploads – Increase Maximum File Upload Size

Big File Uploads lets you upload large media file/website migration files directly with the WordPress media uploader (All-in-One WP Migration Tool). Increase your upload size up to 4TB.

It automatically detects upload limits set by your server or hosting provider and allows you to increase the maximum size and prevents timeout errors by uploading files in chunks.

There is no messing with Apache/PHP initialization files or settings, just activate the plugin and set the upload size as large as you want, and use the media uploader (All-in-One WP Migration Tool) as you normally would.

Let’s see an example by increasing the 25060 MB File size and saving it.

After Increasing Upload Size All-in-One WP Migration Screenshot: We can see that it increased from 512MB to 24 GB

6.WPS Visitor Counter Plugin

WPS Visitor Counter Plugin is one of the best visitor counter plugin of WordPress, It helps to display the number of visitors and traffic statistics of WordPress website, all the available data you needed to show in the visitor counter are

Users Today

Users Yesterday

Users Last 7 days

Users This Month

Users This Year

Views Today

Views Yesterday

Views Last 7 days

Views This Month

Views This Year

Total views

Who’s Online

How many people are currently Online

Your IP Address

Views Today

Your IP Address

WPS Visitor Counter Shortcode

[wps_visitor_counter] use this shortcode anywhere on your website where you want to show the visitor counter.

7.WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version

WP Downgrade forces the WordPress update routine to perform the installation of a specific WordPress release with the help of this plugin you can choose any older or newer version of WordPress and stay permanently on a previous version of your choice.

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