Control Your Mobile/Pc Screen and Files From Anywhere

Share your mobile and PC screen from one place two another control online your Mobile by PC or PC by mobile.

Cloud-based platform with intuitive features to securely and remotely access, control and support any device, across platforms — from anywhere, anytime.

TeamViewer Official Download

How to use TeamViewer/Remote control your device from anywhere?

Have in mind it is 2 device process using 2 PC or 2 Mobile or Mobile and PC and here we will use 2 software for Online Remote Connectivity.

Team Viewer and Team Viewer Quick Support.

Here we are using 2 PCs for this process

First of all Download Team Viewer on PC 1, install, and open it.


Go to PC 2

Download Team Viewer Quick Support, Install, and Open it.

Note: After opening Quick Support ID and Password Not Visile then Close and open it again

Check your internet connection do it Online.


Go to PC-1 and Enter PC-2 ID and Password and click on Connect, then in PC-2 you will get a notification of Allow Remote control for PC-1 simply allow it.

then Your PC-2 Screen will be visible on PC-1, here you can control PC-2 Files and modify things and collect files and share files, and many more things.



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