Shortcut keys assist in a simpler and faster method of navigating and executing commands in the computer software, Here you can get the important PC/Laptop Keyboard shortcuts, Run Commands and Chrome browser shortcuts that will be very useful in your daily life, with the help of these shortcuts you can do your tasks fastly and in an easier way.


About Windows Version———-winver
Bluetooth File Transfer ———–fsquirt
Calculator ————————calc
Computer Management ———-compmgmtlauncher
Connect to a Projector————displayswitch
Control Panel ———————control
Paint ——————————mspaint
On-Screen Keyboard ————–osk
Notepad —————————notepad
Narrator —————————narrator ( Everything Speaks that you doing anything)
Phone Dialer ———————–dialer
Task Manager ———————-taskmgr
Command Prompt ——————cmd
Wordpad —————————-write

Remote Desktop Connection ——–mstsc
Registry Editor ———————–regedit
System Information ——————msinfo32
System Configuration —————-msconfig
DirectX Diagnostic Tool ————–dxdiag ( PC all information like Graphic Card, RAM, etc)
Disk Cleanup ————————-cleanmgr ( Clean old Windows windows.old File ) Delete Junk files Make PC Faster
Clean “windows.old” —————–cleanmgr ( Delete junk files )
SD card read/write Permission ——-gpedit.msc ( Local group policy editor )
Registry editor ————————regedit


Win+X – Open Customization Window, Wind+I – Open Setting Windows
Wind+D- Desktop Screen
Win+R -Open RUN Box
Win+S – (Open Search BAR)
ALT+F4 – (It is also useful in Any Program Closing)
Shift+Left Arrow (To deselect text), Right Arrow( To select text)

UP arrow( To select left all text), DOWN arrow (To select right all text)
Ctrl+A – Select All text/All folder Select/Files
Win+P- Open Projection Screen/Window
CTRL+C-Copy File
Ctrl+V -Paste File
Ctrl+Z(Undo)-(Recover Just Deleted File/Text)
Ctrl+Y(Redo) (After deleting …Visible file will be again deleted)
Press ENTER (To open any File/Folder – just put the cursor on it and hit ENTER)

Win+Plus Key_Screen Magnifier & Win+Minus Key (Screen DeMagnify)
Win+PrtSC_Take ScreenShot
CTRL+ALT+DELETE_Open taskbar
ALT+TAB_ For Program switch (To go from One Program to Another)
ALT+F4 _ShutDown window will be open (Shutdown, start, sleep, switch user, sign out)
Win+X_Open Windows Tools MENU ( Position-In the Bottom of the left corner)

Prefetch, %temp%, temp, recent-(Delete PC Junk Files Or Unuseful files)-That Slow Down Your PC
BackSpace-Deleting text from right to left and Delete Key (Deleting text from right to left)

Win+C-Charms Menu (Cortana Visible)
Win+F-File Search Opened (Feedback HUB in windows 10)


Ctrl+T-Open New Tab or New Window
Ctrl+H_Open Browser History, Ctrl+Shift+Delete_For Delete Opened Browser History
Ctrl+Shift+N-in Browser ON Incognito mode
Ctrl+J-in Browser open Download Menu
Ctrl+D-In-Browser Open URL site will be saved/Bookmarked
Ctrl+Shift+T-In-Browser if any Tab closed accidentally that will be visible after pressing this shortcut

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