The most powerful war choppers in your smartphone! Gunship Force is the best military helicopter game that combines amazing cutting-edge 3D technology with user-friendly flight control simulation and an unforgettable experience the moment you start the game.

Take control of powerful attack military helicopters in this free PVP game. Kill enemies and increase your rank to become a legendary pilot. Explore the best battlefields to play instant PVP chopper gunship battles against other players from all over the world! Challenge yourself in the “Death Match” and “Team Death Match” game modes.


<b> ★ Defend the honor of your country </b> Fight against players from all over the world! Take part in gaming tournaments, take first places in the ratings of a city, country, or even the whole world!

<b> ★ Many battle arenas </b>

Legendary and exciting battle locations. Each card is interesting in its own way and has its own characteristics.

<b> ★ Helicopter Upgrades </b> Lots of upgrade modules, such as radar tracking system, heat traps, guided missiles – all this will be available to you!

<b> ★ State of the art 3D graphics and stunning visuals </b> Use various outfits for your copter, select and combine unique upgrades!

<b> ★ Lots of combat camouflages and designs </b>

Customize your helicopter, the game features a huge variety of different skins, from bright colors to serious metal ones with engraving.

<b> ★ Dynamic Battles </b>

Immerse yourself in the world of battles. Feel the adrenaline of defeating your enemies.

<b> ★ Battle Quests </b>

Complete tasks and get additional income for them. And more earnings – more powerful helicopter!

<b> ★ Online war helicopter battles in real-time </b>

Experience the best free air combat simulator for mobile. Your copter needs a pilot! If you like online helicopter shooting games or helicopter war games, this is a great game for you. You will float in the air under heavy enemy fire! Destroy all of the military helicopters! It’s time to get into serious games like Gunship Force is a modern helicopter game. Such helicopters as v22, Black Shark, MI 28, MI 8, Urban Strike, Apache, KA 52, Black Hawk, AC 130, MI 24 are already waiting for you! Online war games will show you real action!


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